Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak

Commemorating the Lord Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Passing

About Us

Our Vision
  1. The purposes of the Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Inc. is to create unity and fellowship between Buddhist organisations in Victoria via the organisation and presentation of an annual not for profit commemoration and celebration of Vesak by the Victorian Community.

The Executive
The  activities of the Association managing by/under the direction of a Committee comprises delegates from Victorian Buddhist temples. New Executive member of 2017 celebrations are:
        President         :  Julian Bamford (Buddhist Discussion Centre)
       Vice President :  Simon Kearney (Buddhist Discussion Centre) and Gerald Lim (ABKM)
       Secretary         :  Krishantha  (Dammasarana Temple)
       Treasurer         :  Van Thieu Binh  (Quang Duc Monastery)

(1)  To apply to become a member of the Association, an organisation must submit a written application to a committee member stating that the organisation

                          (a)  wishes to become a member of the Association;
                          (b)  supports the purposes of the Association; and
                          (c)  agrees to comply with these Rules.

(2)  The application
                        (a)  must be signed by the applicant; and
                        (b)  may be accompanied by the joining fee.

Event Participants

The Victorian Observance of the UN Vesak Organising committee is represented by Buddhist organisations in Victoria of all traditions. The following centres and temples have been involved with organising the Victorian Observance of the UN Day of Vesak

  •    Australian Buddhist Kalyana Mitta
  •    An Lac Hanh Temple
  •    Bo De Temple
  •    Buddhist Council of Victoria
  •    Buddhist Discussion Centre Upwey Ltd
  •    BLIA Fo Guang Shan
  •    Buddhist Society of Victoria
  •    Buddha Vihara Victoria
  •    Dhamma Drum Mountain
  •    Dhamma Sarana Vihara
  •    Dhamma Sukha Meditation Centre
  •    Dhammakaya Meditation Centre
  •    Evam Institute
  •    Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple
  •    Jamchen Buddhist Centre
  •    Kabaraye Buddhist Monastery
  •    Lien Tri Temple
  •    Melbourne Linh Son Buddhist Congregation
  •    Nalanda Monastery
  •    Paramitha Buddhist Vihara
  •    Phat Quang Temple
  •    United Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation of Australia-New Zealand
  •    Tieu Dao Meditation Centre
  •    The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
  •    The Khmer Buddhist Centre of Victoria
  •    Quang Duc Monastery
       Quang Minh Temple
       Shakyamuni Sambudda Vihara
       Wat Buddharangsee
       Wat Lao Melbourne
       Yun Yang Temple

Contact Us

Contact us:

Victorian UN Day of Vesak Organising Committee
Registered Office: 33 Brooking Street Upwey, VIC 3158
Telephone (03) 9754 3334    Fax (03) 9754 3334    Mobile: 0432 225950

Upcoming Events

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08 April 2017 - Friendship Dinner
27 May 2017- UN Vesak Celebration
07 April 2018 - Friendship Dinner
12 May 2018- UN Vesak Celebration

06 April 2019 - Friendship Dinner

04 May 2019- UN Vesak Celebration

04 April 2020 - Friendship Dinner

23 May 2020- UN Vesak Celebration

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