Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak

Commemorating the Lord Buddha's Birth,Enlightenment and Passing

Saturday May 4, 2019 in the City of Melbourne


Sun. 4/3 8:30 AM Fund-raising Dinner A friendship and fundraising dinner will be held to raise funds for the Vesak 2011 event in the Melbourne Town Hall. Details: Date : Saturday 2 April Time: 6:30 arrival for 7:00pm start , End approximately 10:30pm Venue: Quang Minh Tem... more
Sun. 5/22 3:45 AM 2011 Vesak Procession

Procession from State Library to the Melbourne Town Hall.

Meet at the State Library ( on Swanston St., opposite Melbourne Central) at 1.45pm

5:00 AM Vesak Celebrations

A celebration of 2600 years of Buddha's Enlightenment.

Sun. 3/25 9:30 AM 2012 UN vesak Friendship Dinner

Start 6.30pm (doors open 6.15pm)

Ticket Prices : only $25


Sun. 5/13 1:00 AM 2012 UN Vesak Main Event

Sun. 3/24 9:15 AM Friendship Dinner - UN Vesak 2013

THE fundraising event to support the UN Vesak 2013 event and the opportunity to meet and make new Dhamma friends hosted by Quang Minh Temple (Braybrook)

Sun. 5/12 12:00 AM UN Vesak 2013 Celebrations Main Event

Come join us for the biggest celebrations of the Victoria Buddhist Calendar. 

Check the website for the latest information.

Sat. 3/29 6:30 PM 2014 Friendship Dinner

The premier fund-raising dinner for the 2014 UN Vesak Celebrations in Victoria. 

Join us for an evening of delicious vegetarian menu prepared by the expert chefs of Quang Minh Temple.

Click here for more information

Sat. 5/24 10:00 AM UN Vesak Celebrations

Come join us to celebrate the biggest event in the Victorian Buddhist Calendar

Sat. 4/4 6:30 PM 2015 Friendship Dinner Come join us for the premier fundraising dinner for the 2015 UN Vesak main event. This dinner is generously supported by Quang Minh Temple. Come enjoy the wonderful vegetarian cuisine put on by the talended chefs at Quang Minh temple as well as ente... more
Sat. 5/23 10:00 AM 2015 United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations

Come join us for the biggest event in the Buddhist Calendar in Victoria !

Sat. 4/7 6:00 AM VESAK Friendship Dinner

Our Gala Event Raising FUnds for the 11th Observance and Celebration of Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak. 

Held at Quang Minh Temple Cmmunity Hall

18 Burke St, Braybrook VIC

Sat. 5/12 10:00 AM 2018 & 11th Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak

The 2018 and 11th annual Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Commemoration: Sangha Dana - Vesak Procession & Friendship Walk - Vesak Commemoration at Melbourne Town Hall

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