Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak

Commemorating the Lord Buddha's Birth,Enlightenment and Passing

Saturday May 4, 2019 in the City of Melbourne

Previous Years - Vesak Commemoration - 2016


Lunch Offering to Sangha
(St Peter’s Parish Hall, Gisborne St, East Melbourne)

10.00 am Start Pindabata (Alms Round by Monastics)

11.00 am Start Lunch offering

Download Lunch Offering Response Form here (PDF)

If participation, please return form by 29 April 2016

Vesak Procession

12.15 pm Assemble for the Vesak Procession at the Parliament Gardens

1.00 pm Vesak Procession from the Parliament Gardens to Melbourne Town Hall

Download Vesak Procession Response Form here (PDF)

Download Vesak Process Details here (PDF)

Melbourne Town Hall Program

1:30pm   Welcome the Vesak Procession Into Melbourne Town Hall

1:40pm   Welcome to Country , VIPs and guests 

1:45pm   Melbourne Wesak Siri Organisation Welcoming Dance

1:55pm   Sangha and Relic Procession into the hall

2:00pm   Meaning of Vesak - Message from the Prime Minister – Vesak 2016

2:05pm   Sangha Chanting – Theravada, Mahayana (Chinese/Korean & Vietnamese), Tibetan Tradition

2:25pm   Guided Meditation

2:35pm   Dhamma Talk

2:50pm   VIP Speeches

3:00pm   Interfaith Presentation

3:10pm   Dedication of Merits

3:15pm   Cambodian Buddhist Association of Victoria Performance

3:25pm   Musical Performance and Finale

3:35pm   Votes of Thanks & Gifts Presentation

3:50pm   Audience invited to view Buddha Relics

4: 00pm  Program Ends


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Message from:
Myly Nguyen
Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Inc.
August 2016

I would like, first, to convey my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation to Sangha members for their enlightening guidance over the years, secondly, to express my sincere thanks to all of the people that took time out of their busy schedules to attend the 2016 AGM, held on Sunday August 21 at the Hoa Nghiem Temple. 

For those of you who did not attend, we had an unexpected guest speaker, Mrs Inga Peulich MP, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Shadow Minister for Scrutiny of Government, who have been committed to supporting and driving policies which build social and physical capital and deliver the best outcomes for individuals, families and the community without diminishing our essential freedoms or shirking our social and financial responsibilities. We look forward to learning more about the Parliamentary Friendship Group.

Our newly elected Office Bearers and positions for 2016-2017 are:

    President:          Myly Nguyen (Quang Minh Temple)
    Vice President: Julian Bamford (Buddhist Discussion Centre)
    Secretary:          Krishantha Elleperumaarachchi (Buddhist Sri Lankan Association of Victoria)  
          Van Binh Thieu (Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery)

The Executive members are organising a planning day in October 2016 to review and develop activities & responsibilities for the year 2017.  As always, I would like to extend an open invitation to all of you to contribute your ideas and energy and look forward to Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak being even bigger and better next year.

May the United Nations Day of Vesak celebrations in Victoria continue to flourish throughout this Buddha Sasene for the benefit of all beings.

Myly Nguyen
President 2016-2017
United Nations Day of Vesak Inc 

MAY 7th 2016

Gathering in Harmony, Meeting in Harmony, Dispersing in Harmony, 
Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Inc. 

Thank you all for contributing to the success of the 2016 commemoration event.

Officer Bearers 2015-2016

  • President:           Ms Myly Nguyen (Quang Minh Temple)
  • Vice President:   Mr Cameron Sar (Cambodian Buddhist Association of Victoria CBAV)
  • Treasurer:           Rachael Wass (Quang Minh Temple)
  • Secretary:           Mrs Anita Carter (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)

Honorary Chairpersons

  • Venerable Kotte Santhindriya Thero (Daham Niketanaya Temple)
  • Venerable Chi Kwang Sunim (Seon Centre) 
  • Ms Cora Thomas (Buddhist Society of Victoria)
  • Mr Frank Carter (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)

    Guided Meditation and Dharma Talks 

  • Senior Venerable Thich Nguyen Tang (Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery)
  • Venerable Boralesgamuwe Gunodaya Paññ?sobhana Thero   

  • Distinguished Guests

Mr Hong Lim MP - Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Asia Engagement 

Dr Sundram Sivamalai - Community Representative Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commission

Cr Ken Ong - Councillor, City of Melbourne

Cr Jackie Watts - Councillor, City of Melbourne

Cr James Long BM, JP- Mayor of Bayside City Council

Ms Mahinda Wickramasuriya - Deputy Chairpersons of ECCV

Mr Ashok Jacob - President, Victorian Council of Churches

Rev. Helen Summers - Founder and Director, The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne

Ms Jan Lester ? Director Public Affairs, Church of Scientology

Mr Sampath Prasanna Walpita Gamage - Consul-General Consulate General of Sri Lanka

Ms Nilusha Dilminiwill ? Consul, Consulate General of Sri 


The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull MP - Prime Minister of Australia

The Honourable Craig Laundy MP - Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs  in Australia

Dr Richard Di Natale - Leader of the Australian Greens

Mr Tim Watts MP - Federal Member for Gellibrand

The Honourable Linda Dessau - Governor of Victoria

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP - Premier of Victoria

The Hon Matthew Guy MP ? Leader of the Opposition in Victoria

Mr Greg Barber MP - Victorian Greens Leader, MLC for Northern Metropolitan Region

The Hon. John Eren MP - Minister for Tourism and Major Events in Victoria

Ms Helen Kapalos Chairperson Victorian Multicultural Commission 

Ms Marion Lau OAM JP - Deputy Chairpersons of Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria

The Right Honourable Robert Doyle - Lord Mayor of City of Melbourne

Cr Susan Riley - Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Melbourne: 

Cr Rohan Leppert - City of Melbourne

Cr Arron Wood - City of Melbourne

Cr Stephen Mayne - City of Melbourne

Councillor Richard Foster - City of Melbourne

Cr Beverley Pinder-Mortimer - City of Melbourne

Cr Heang Tak - Mayor of City of Greater Dandenong

Cr Tamsin Bearsley - Mayor of City of Kingston

Cr Andrea Surace - Mayor of City of Moonee Valley

Cr Bernadene Voss - Mayor of City of Port Phillip

Cr Sam Aziz - Mayor of City of Casey

Cr Jim Parke - Mayor of City of Boroondara

Cr Peter Hemphill - Mayor of City of Hobsons Bay

Cr Cameron McDonald - Mayor of City of Maribyrnong 

Cr Roberto Colanzi ? Mayor of City of Yarra

H.E. Mr Sumio Kusaka - Ambassador Embassy of Japan

H.E. Mr Luong Thanh Nghi - Ambassador of Viet Nam

H.E. Somasundaram Skandakumar - The High Commissioner of Sri Lankan 

H.E. Phomma Khammanichanh - Ambassador of the Lao PDR

Ms Jennifer Huppert - President Jewish Community Council of Victoria

Mr Brian White - President Buddhist Council of NSW

Team Leaders

  • Flower Arrangements: Venerable Huyen Dao (Tieu Dao Meditation Centre)
  • Fundraising Dinner: Venerable Thich Phuoc Tan (Quang Minh Temple), 
  • Cameron Sar (Cambodia Network in Victoria), Kien Dang (Quang Minh Temple), 
  • Ranjith Soysa (Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara) and Van Thieu (Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery). 

Raffle Fundraising: Mr & Mrs Sanadamala and Jayamapathy Unanttene

(Paramitha Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara, Rockbank) 

  • Foyer Greeting:  Tiffany Ho (Great Stupa of Universal Compassion)
  • Grant Managers: Mr  Frank Carter and Peter Jackson
  • Logistics: Frank Carter (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)
  • Program: Andrew Williams, Michael Wells (Buddhist Society of Victoria)
  • and Simon Kearney ( (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)
  • Relic Display: Tiffany Ho (Great Stupa of Universal Compassion, Bendigo)
  • Sangha Dana: Gerald Lim (Australian Buddhist Kalyana Mitta)
  • Sangha Reception: Allan Wong (Fo Guang Shan Melbourne) 
  • and Siranee Chunchamsai (Dhammakaya Meditation Centre) 
  • Translations Team:  Kien Dang (Quang Minh Temple) and  Muntha Crowe
  • Vesak Procession: Julian Bamford (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia), 
  • Ranjith Soysa (Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara) and Steve Lowe (Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery)
  • VIP Reception: Prue Lamont (Nalandra Institute)
  • Volunteer Food Bus: Nga Dam (Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple)
  • Volunteers Team: Anita Carter (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)
  • Art Exhibition:Jacqui Bosman (Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Primary School)
  • Video Production: Paul Miln (Cambodian  Network)
    Mater Ceremony

Cameron Sar (Cambodia Network in Victoria),  

Sally Kelly (Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia)
Welcome Devotional Dance

Supervisor/teacher: Mrs Ashika Liyanaratne

Dancers: Saamakie Liyanaratne, Praweena Fernando, Binuri Fernando, Malya Wijesinghe, 

Malmi Wijesinghe, Senury Palliyage, Binudy Palliyage and Sethmini Hewasinghage.
Traditional Cambodian Buddhist Dance Group in Victoria
Temple: Wat Buddharangsi

Dancers: Lay Kong, Chandeth Eang, Chandy Eang, Tearseth Keout, Lauren SavathTath
Musical Dancing & Singing Performers

Produced by: Andrew. J. Williams and Roger. J. McLachlan

  1. From Quang Minh Temple

Coordinators: Ngoc Lam and Ai Kien Dang

Dancers: Thuy Anh Bui, Lily Le  Chau, Jacy Dinh, Yen  Huang, Anne Le, Tam Nhu Le, 

Ngoc Bình Luong, Tracy Luu, Catherine Nguyen, Dao Nguyen, Tuyet Nguyen, Thanh Trúc  Tang, 

Tracy Tang, Vivian Tang, Alisa Tran, Jenifer  Tran.

  1. From Sakyamuni Sambuddha Vihara

Coordinators: Jeanne Jayasinghe 

Trainer: Dushara Jayasinghe

Teachers in charge: Inoka Liyanage and Achini Kariyawasam

Make up: Jinanjali Amarabandu

Actors: Raveen Liyanage, Danushka Gamage, Senithi de Silva, Sakiler Kumarasinghe, 

Manupa Balasuriya, Dinupa Balasuriya, Sanuki Kulatunga, Dulain Kulatunga.

Choir: Kelsey Wickramaratne, Sanuda Perera, Pasindu Herath, Vihanga Liyanage, 

Sithmi Pathiraja, Nilma Nanayakkara, Danupa Yatagama, Seneth Indurana, 

Denuri Gunaratne, Pasindu Kariyawasam, Dehansa Herath, Venuki Padukka.  

Rehasha Mallwaarachchi, Sheahan de Mel, Hasini Karunaratne, Onaya  Karunaratne, 

Imaya Rajakaruna and Sithuka Padukka

Event Sponsors

  • City of Melbourne
  • Victoria Multicultural Commission

The committee would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation 

for all of the hard work and dedication to the following:

  • Quang Minh Temple for providing their community facility, all meals and catering free of 
  • charge for the 2016 United Nations Day of Vesak Friendship Dinner.
  • Paramitha Sri Lankan Buddhist Temple for organising raffle ticket at the Friendship Dinner.
  • All the Guests, Volunteers, Performers and everyone who kindly supported this event by 
  • attending the United Nations Day of Vesak 2016 Friendship Dinner.
  • Australian Buddhist Kalyana Mitta (ABKM) for helping us produce another successful 
  • Sangha Dana Lunch Offering.
  • Quang Duc Temple and Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia for planning, organising the 
  • Vesak Procession in detail.
  • Linh Son Buddhist Congregation of Victoria for supplying the decorated floats for our 
  • Vesak Procession.
  • Melbourne Siri Organisation for providing guidance and assistance to participants during the parade. 
  • The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion for providing Buddha Relics for the event.  
  • Tieu Dao Meditation Centre for creating the most beautiful flowers arrangements in the 
  • City Melbourne Town Hall.
  • Quang Duc Temple for providing illuminated Lotus lamps for stage decorations.
  • Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia for providing excellence event logistics, 
  • supplier sourcing, risk management and stage set up and decorations for the main event.
  • Hoa Nghiem Temple for supplying food to the volunteers during the event.
  • Dhammakaya Meditation Centre and Fo Guang Shan Melbourne  for hosting Sangha reception.
  • Andrew Williams, Roger McLachlan and the production team for presenting another 
  • sensational musical performance.
  • Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Primary School for displaying a beautiful mural created by students 
  • ranging from year 1 to year 6 level.

  • Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Inc Members
  • Australian Buddhist Kalyana Mitta (ABKM)
  • Buddhist Sri Lankan Association of Victoria
  • Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia
  • Buddhist Vihara Victoria Inc.
  • Dhammakaya Society of Victoria
  • The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion
  • Hoa Nghiem Buddhist Temple
  • Melbourne Linh Son Buddhist Congregation Inc.
  • Nalanda Monastery
  • Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery
  • Quang Minh Temple
  • Tibetan Buddhist Society
  • Wat Buddharangsi Melbourne
  • Yun Yang Temple