Commemorating the Lord Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment and Passing




In the heart of Melbourne 

Saturday 4th of May 2019 

Our Victorian Buddhist community's 12th Multicultural Celebration of the 

Buddha’s Birth Enlightenment and Passing.

Sangha Dana
Vesak Procession 

Come and be a part of the happy, warm hearted, joyful, peaceful Victorian celebration of one of the most important days in our Buddhist year, Commemorating the Buddha’s universal peace message for the world.

* 9.30 for 10am 
Sangha Dana Lunch Offering 
(to the Buddhist Monastics) St Peters Eastern Hill Anglican Church Hall, 15 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne

* 12.15 for 1.00pm
Vesak Procession & Friendship Walk 
Parliament Gardens Reserve, East Melbourne.
Buddha Floats, Traditional drummers, dress,  flags, lanterns, Victoria’s Buddhist Community.  Procession route: Spring Street, Collins Street to Melbourne Town Hall. 
 Public parking nearby. Parliament Station opposite gardens. Free vegetarian lunch packs. 

* 1.15pm for 1.30 - 3.30pm 
Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak Program
Melbourne Town Hall, Car Swanston & Collins Streets
* Official Commemoration * Veneration for the Buddha Relics 
* Chanting & Blessing from the Buddhist Sangha * Guided Meditation * Interfaith Messages 
Sharing of Merits 

Free event. All welcome.

May all beings be well and happy


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